Celtic Wood Burned Frame

Finally took a photo of the wooden frame I crafted all up. *grin* Drew the Celtic knotwork, and burned in the outline. Then I added textural details just like I did in my ink illustrations – stippling with a woodburner is pretty much like stippling with a pen, just a bit stinkier – LOL. Then I stained the design background by brushing on some concentrated tea (for more contrast to the knotwork), and finally finished it with three coats of acrylic-based varnish, sanding in-between. It’s my first Celtic ‘crafty’ type project and my first time doing woodburning – bought the blank frame and the woodburner during the same trip – I’m pretty happy with the result. Click on the image to see a bigger version of the image. Also, if you’re interested in actually BUYING it, this is my first, and so far only, addition to my page over at etsy.com, so click here for pricing and shipping, and more detailed info too! 🙂

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