Computer Upgrade

My latest excuse for not posting much too recently: Some good friends of mine will be moving to France soon. As such, they were getting rid of most of their extra ‘stuff’ that they just couldn’t take with them on the plane without crazy expenses. As a result of this situation, and my friends’ generosity, I am now the proud owner of a practically new computer! This means I’ve finally moved up to Windows XP, after having been on Win98 forever. It also came with a kickass processor, a GIG of RAM, and a cool LCD monitor as well. It’s all dark grey and black with cool, futuristic blue lights. Oh! And a subwoofer – you should hear my little wave files (like Bender saying, “Uh, Oh, Nerds!”) on a subwoofer – LOL! And a UPS! With all the power fluctuations around here, this is an especially nice addition – sorry to say I’ve already had a chance to try it out, but it worked perfectly. Was kind of weird having all the power off, but my computer still humming along – heh.

In artsy news, I’m up to Q.5 right in my Celtic letter illustrations. Q.5 means I’ve actually sketched out Q and R but haven’t inked them in yet – LOL. I’m going to start scanning them soon as well – these will look pretty dang cool on black t-shirts! Have been considering offering customization for some names and such – will have to think about that a bit more though.

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