Let’s say you have two really old computers, and then you find two slightly newer computers. Let’s then say you try to create two relatively newer computers from these old computers, while keeping your old data intact and accessible. Let’s also say that all four computers have strange quirks about what kinds of cards they will recognize, where their screws go, and whether or not they really want to communicate with that OTHER computer at the momoment, and that you’re learning more about how useless and even misleading many MS error messages are. In conclusion, let’s just say that I hope today isn’t as LONG a day as yesterday was. And also, thank you to our phone tech. support dude – I think your very pariticipation counts ten times as much as your tech. skills, which are also immense. *grin* And kudos to John, who has an innate ability to NOT get as frustrated as I do with this stuff. 🙂

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