With all the new stuff going on at cafepress I’m up to my ears with adding new products (they have very nice FRAMED ceramic tiles now, which I’m very excited about – cherry frames – very classy), and their upcoming affiliate program and new search engine… And then my 2006 Celtic Calendar and California Wildflower Calendar will be available soon so I have to update THOSE pages. And then there’s regular website administration on top of all that. Well, at least here I can just spew dramatically about being SO busy – oh, the pain, oh the pain of it all! *grin*

Also, after a few fire ant attacks in the dog food dishes, we’ve had to be really careful about not leaving anything out. Have you ever been bitten by a fire ant? Mostly, a stray one will walk across the top of my foot and OW! They’re small, but they can STING.

Maybe for my next post I’ll have something a little more interesting to write about – LOL. Like maybe that old tupperware container in the fridge that neither John nor I want to open – now THAT would be EXCITING! 😉

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