We saw this bumper sticker yesterday and, once we got over our surprise at finding such a seemingly geeky, smart bumpersticker in a town of vehicles typically sporting local radio station bumperstickers (or the like), we ran home and googled it. Because, well, we really wanted to be able to honk HONESTLY the next time – when you’re talking about something geeky, it’s really not enough to just appreciate the PREMISE – there are rules, you know.

Here’s what the wikipedia enlightened us with: “Punctuated equilibrium, or punctuated equilibria, is a theory of evolution which states that changes such as speciation can occur relatively quickly, with long periods of little change—equilibria—in between. This theory is one of the proposed explanations of the evolutionary patterns of species as observed in the fossil record, particularly the relatively sudden appearance of new species in a geologically short time period, and the perhaps typical lack of substantial change of species during their existence.”

It’s the X-Men theory of evolution – I understand it now. HONK! HONK HONK!!!!

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