But wait! There’s More! Seems that we’re into the SECOND round of turtles laying eggs. Yesterday John ‘caught’ Penelope doing the ‘turtle butt dance’ on a mound of dirt in the pen, meaning she was just packing the dirt down after having dug a hole and layed more eggs. Later, we dug them up – it was only two more, but geesh – where the heck do the turtles have room for any sort of innards? Anyway, today, Myrtle was prowling the pen, and she hardly ever comes out of the water. So we brought her out, let her find a spot and now she’s digging her hole for HER eggs (not sure if she layed any before or not – one of the turtles released some in the pond water last time.) I’m pretty sure Victoria (‘V’) might be next. Again.

What’s interesting is that it was exactly a month since the last round of egg laying, and both this time and last time it was really hot outside. Guessing that might be some sort of trigger that it’s time. Well, it’s a good thing we didn’t have any particular plans for this weekend – we get to babysit turtles and listen to motorcycles whizzing by on the road.

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