First, Happy Solstice! Now the days are all getting shorter again – whew! *grin*

And now….. I guess it’s the season for websites around here or something, because NOW I’ve gone ahead and redone our Abstract Weirdness website, which has been sort of just sitting there for a while with old, static content. It was originally an outlet for small flash animations that John, Tom, and I came up with; those flash animations are still available there, but now it’s primarily a virtual marketplace or bizarre/bazaar [wink]. It pulls in products from many people’s online shops and puts them all together and purchasable in one place. Obviously, we’ve got a number of our own shops represented there, but we also have items from our friend Sharon’s shop, and will be adding new people’s products – those that are interested, of course. It’s kind of nice have a huge ‘warehouse’ like this – and the website name was too cool NOT to keep using – heh. So, go check it out if you’ve got a free moment. (I wonder if I’m more done than NOT done now with all the big website work for the moment. Time will tell, I suppose, although I feel like I deserve a break for some reason – heh.)

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