Okay, as promised, here’s the turtle dance movie (.avi file) – it’s only about a meg, so it’s really short, about ten seconds or so, but it’s amusing. Oh, and we finally figured out what to name our third turtle, who we had been calling ‘stripe’ all this time because of markings on her shell. She’s very meek and jumps in the water if she sees any movement – it rhymes, and I can’t believe we didn’t think of it earlier… Myrtle! (Non-moaning, of course.) So now we have Victoria (or ‘V’ for short – she has a ‘v’ mark on her shell – she’s the one who we had to walk around the yard with until she found a spot to lay her eggs. She’s named with apologies to my college roommate Tori – LOL – although now you have a turtle namesake!), Penelope, and Myrtle – it’s like we have some sort of 1800’s naming theme going on for some reason. I doubt very much they’d be interested in dressing up in period clothing however, turtles aren’t much for costume parties – too hard to struggle into the corsets.

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