Seems that I’ve recently thrown myself into a couple of rather intensive projects. First our Flower Bed Gifts shop (which I’m still adding more flower-themed products to), and now, I’ve been making templates for sale that people can apply to their CafePress Premium Shops. (Click here to check out the templates if you’re interested.) It’s been a lot of computer time, and my eyes are tired, not to mention a bit red and irritated from pollen, and me rubbing them BECAUSE I’m tired. (Taking deep breath.)

I’ve also been having some rather interesting dreams, all pointing towards reconnecting, going ‘home’, getting things back – that kind of thing. All good stuff, but I’m rather aware of these dreams so I seem to be really busy at NIGHT too – geesh! (At least my eyes get to rest at night! I haven’t dreamed about working on the computer… yet.) So anyway, that’s what’s been going on – thanks for sticking around despite my lack of posting recently!

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