I know, I know, I haven’t been posting here lately, but I have a good excuse! See, John and I noticed that we had a lot of cool flower photos just sort of piling up here and decided to do something about it, which is where all of my attention has been recently. So, with a wee bit of fanfare, I hereby officially introduce our new shop, Flower Bed Gifts! Yup, flower-themed everything – LOL. Feel free to poke around, sign up for the newsletter, or mention the shop to any floral fiends you happen to know. More flowers are coming soon, too…. did I mention that we have a LOT of flower photos… including a lot of wildflowers that we’re having quite a challenge trying to identify. I don’t think some of them even HAVE official names. And, who can resist a logo with a deliberate pun in it? (That was a rhetorical question.) So… Flower Bed Gifts – Quick! GO THERE NOW! *grin*

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