rabbit in the yardI had to take each of these shots from farther away so these are cropped images, with no zoom links, of a rabbit hanging out in our yard (there are a gazillion bunnies around this year), and a vulture resting in a tree along the side of the road.Vulture/Buzzard resting on a branch It’s an interesting photographic pairing, actually. A number of buzzards live on that stretch of our road by the Blossom Hill Winery, as a surprising number of rabbits and squirrels live in the area and tend to run across the road at inopportune moments, especially considering all the large trucks that come and go during the grape harvest. The vultures do keep the road clean, and it’s amazing to see them take off when you approach in the car – they have rather large wingspans.

Speaking of large wingspans, I haven’t seen a condor here yet, but I’d love to. They have wingspans up to 9.5 feet! I doubt even a condor would try to drag off the ~200 lb. dead boar that’s still on the side of the road around the curve from our front gate though, but I was hoping – heh. In any case, I’m sure that the vehicle that hit the boar probably didn’t fair too well either. (This whole post probably falls into the ‘too much information’ category – sorry about that! Thus concludes this episode of Wildlife and RoadKill Theater.)

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