They DID come back last night, about 9:30 p.m. From our house, we could see headlights and bobbing flashlights, and we heard a lot of engine revving, yelling, and a good amount of cursing, but they pulled that poor sodden pickup truck out of the river! They couldn’t get it running though, so this morning, it’s still sitting at the side of the road down there. It’s a small pickup, but it’s jacked up a bit and has big treaded tires, and I can see why they might have THOUGHT they could get through the river in it – too bad though. (Still working on that photo – maybe later today I’ll have something. It’s like that old Kevin Costner movie where he’s the naval officer assigned to a murder investigation and the only evidence they have is that blurry photograph that the computers VERY SLOWLY are bringing into focus – LOL.)

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