Minutia. I found myself spontaneously involved in purchasing and designing a new domain (for John) over the last few days – it’s not ready for an actual announcement yet, but I CAN say that it involves mind-reading amphibians. *grin*

On another fun note – I went to a baseball card shop today in a local strip mall to get some plastic sleeves for my Artist Trading Cards. I thought the sleeves were pretty cheap when I searched online, a couple of bucks for 100, plus shipping, but the shop was cheaper yet and also having a half-price sale. Thus, I ended up with 100 sleeves for 25 cents total. The guy running it was like a thinner, more pleasant version of the comic book guy from the Simpsons. And maybe it’s just a geek thing, but it was really cool to talk to someone who so obviously knew his business inside and out. The shop itself was about 8 feet wide and 20 feet deep, with barely enough room for a counter, but everything seemed to fit just fine.

Also, we found a new paper shredder for sale at the local Good Will (we browse when doing laundry next door), so now I’ve got a new hobby. The only problem is that if I use the shredder for longer than 5 minutes, one of our dogs starts to whine at the sound – heh. Okay, it’s more of an annoyance than a problem, as he does that with a LOT of weird noises (like the singing Homer Simpson Santa we got for Christmas), but still. Anyway, I’m not shredding anything that shouldn’t be shredded, of course, but I’m probably enjoying it more than a normal person should.

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