Rainbow Country Suddenly a Horse
Shadow of the Fallen
Recent Photos. The rainbow shot is pretty self- explanatory (although the rainbow seems a bit fainter in the thumbnail), but was very cool to ‘catch’. We were driving home and I pulled over to the side of the road and grabbed my camera – quite a dramatic story, no?

I called the horse photo “Suddenly a Horse”. I’d been wanting to take a photo of some of the horses in pastures near the road, but when I’d drive by they’d be gone or too far away, etc. Then one day, I was walking down the road towards the barn, that never held anything but the occasional mother cow and calf, and suddenly, in the adjoining pasture, there was a horse! Actually, there were two, and they were really friendly, let me pet them and everything. If it hadn’t been so rainy here the last few days I would have taken a few apples down to share with them. Maybe in a few days.

The pinecone shot’s a bit mundane, but I really liked the shadowing, and it seemed somehow appropriate that it was sitting in a field of clover, so I named it the melodramatic, “Shadow of the Fallen” – just be thankful I stopped before adding, “… in Fields of Clover”.

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