Aziz, Light! Just getting back into the swing of things after about 36 hours without electricity. The river swelled quite a bit, but we’ve also had some long stretches of ‘no rain’ time where it can go back down again so we probably won’t get flooded out or anything. Of course, it’s been showering today and we’re supposed to get more rain tonight, but at least the lights are on – LOL. I took some photos and a few short movies of the river – it was going pretty quickly, and was probably about 40 feet across (although not deeper than 2-3 ft) at the point where the backroad here actually goes through the creek bed. Luckily, I’d just charged a few extra sets of camera batteries, so I was all set, although we were running out of things to amuse ourselves with. Playing scrabble by candlelight can be fun too, of course, except I lost – heh.

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