New Year’s Blog. I don’t usually do any kind of ‘new year’ this or that but this morning I feel like writing a few things down. First, I feel as if I won’t be ‘hanging back’ anymore in my life, like I feel I learned to do as a coping mechanism. In other words, I already feel more ‘present’ than I have in years. Second, which goes along with the first, I feel like I’ll be quite capable of dealing with any kind of event that comes into my life in ‘real time’, emotionally or energetically speaking. Instead of having the event, and then processing my feelings afterwards or dealing with it in my head somehow, away from the initial stimulus or people. Which doesn’t mean having outbursts or anything – LOL – but just feeling the energy that’s happening, and then being able to make new choices for myself as it happens.

I think I used to spend a lot of time trying to understand things that seemed chaotic on the surface. Which isn’t a bad thing overall, but the thing is, now I DO understand things; in my own way of course, and I’ve learned to trust my own understanding more too. I also know that everyone else has their OWN understandings, as it should be, but that I’m not responsible for, well, understanding THEIR understandings – LOL. (Not an easy thing to let go of, being a Libra that has tended to try to see all different sides of a situation – heh – it can give you a broader vision, but you can also lose your grounding in all that information too.)

Anyway, just a few thoughts. It’s going to be a great year all around, I think. Happy New Year!

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