Planes, Trains, Automobiles, & Helicopters. This morning I remember an interesting series of dream snippets: showing a neighbor at my mom’s house my new car, which looked like something from the 70’s (good metal construction), but also something ‘new’ in that its design was unique and not in mass production (yet?) – it was a cool midnight blue color. Then, I was about to get on a train going back to college. (Hogwarts Express? LOL.) After that, I was in what seemed to be an official city helicopter (not police exactly, not under arrest, but with permission to fly over traffic), zipping through a city, under overpasses, things like that, which was fun. And then, I was gathering luggage (not too much, just enough) for getting on an airplane. Gee – anyone see a theme here? *grin* On the symbolic side, it does seem like I’m preparing myself for some kind of movement, progress, newness, adventure, travel, or the like; the good news being that I was very happy in each of the dream scenarios, so WHEW!

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