Thanks to MonkeyFilter, I just discovered a really cool online news/blog (RSS/XML) aggregator service, BlogLines (It’s free.) I’ve been trying to do some kind of feed reader thing for a long time, but I could never get the modules I downloaded to work for whatever reason, and then I’d forget about it until I ran across another new aggregator. This one seems like it has a lot of potential, makes it easy to type in usernames from common journaling sites (blogger, livejournal, xanga, etc.) to add the syndicated feed to your list, and you can access it easily from anywhere you can get a computer. I’ve still got to play with it somewhat, and it doesn’t seem to have the ability to change the way the output looks (so far), but I like it so far. I’ve already made sure I have an atom.xml feed going for – just never bothered to turn it on before – now there’s a link in the left column for it, as well as a little graphic for subscribing to bloglines. I also turned on the atom.xml feed for our food follies weblog/site, although I haven’t linked it on that site yet. Anyway, just wanted to pass along the syndication goodness!

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