More photos… first, the remains of an ancient metal and wood ‘hay bailer’ machine, and then a close up of one of the wheels which is partly buried in the ground now (I warned you there were a few more ‘old, rusty, and partly buried’ type photos coming!):

Remains of an antique hay bailer Buried Wheel

The buried wheel photo also seemed like a good candidate for products in my shop, and I included a saying with the photo on the mug, “a body in motion tends to stay in motion…” – I figure that’s either really clever or really vague – heh. (Click the mug photo to see the products.) In any case, you’re lucky – I’m sparing you the photo of the cow that was standing behind the hay bailer, keeping one suspicious eyeball on me at all times, and the photo of the dilapidated remains of a wooden feeding trough that was just a few feet away as well.

Oh, and none of the little cow movies I made with my digital camera are really small enough for me to be able to upload without running away screaming in impatience, so you’ll have to wait for new ones to be made that are shorter – sorry!

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