Ghost(s) Story. John works in a convalescent home, in the kitchen. The night before last, he saw movement out of the corner of his eye, and then later, some small serving pans fell off of a shelf by themselves. Last night, he saw the movement again, and then he heard the door slam (an unmistakable sound) so he walked over to see who came in. There was nobody there, but then he felt a definite “cold spot” in a place where he knows there are no drafts.

I suppose that would be interesting unto itself, except that I was having a similar experience at the same time. I was at home though, sitting at the computer, when I hear a loud noise in the kitchen. I jumped up and ran in, and found that a dishpan with a small bit of water in the bottom, had tipped itself off a low table and dropped onto the floor, spilling the water. I certainly thought it was odd as it had seemed quite well balanced before, and considered the idea of a ghost, but mostly forgot about it as I mopped up the water.

Then, about ten minutes later, I got in the car and went to pick up John. While I was waiting for him to be done, I was sitting in the car and picked up a replay of Coast to Coast AM where they were interviewing two ghosthunters who regularly recorded EVP’s (electronic voice phenomenon – voices of ghosts). I wasn’t spooked by them, as I try to think of ghosts as just people without bodies *grin*, but some of the recordings were just SO clear and amazing.

Anyway, it was an interesting “cluster event”, so to speak – maybe we should look into getting a digital recorder (they, reportedly, do better for recording EVP’s because there’s no tape noise.) and see what we come up with. Would I WANT to try to record ghost voices in the place I live? Maybe? Maybe not. *grin*

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