Over the last few days I was busy installing a new bulletin board (phpbb – not on this site though) and being ecstatic because it was POURING outside! Woo Hoo! I’ll bet we start seeing grass poking up out of the bare ground in a few days – will keep you posted on this highly dramatic issue. *grin* I also spent some time adding google ads to a number of our sites; trying to create a balance between innocuous/color-matching and noticable enough for people click on. I suppose time will tell. 😉 (No ads here though – don’t worry!)

Yesterday, we also thought we’d gotten through the rain without actually having our power go out – DOH! We spoke too soon. As we were laying down to go to sleep, VOOMP. I called the power company’s trouble line (this is a phone number I SHOULDN’T know by heart, but I do.) and instead of pushing numbers it does voice recognition now. The female voice is very comforting and casual and almost creepy in that it sounds pretty much REAL. She’d ask me if we wanted a call-back when the situation changed, for instance, and I’d say, “Yes” and she’d reply, “Okay, I can take care of that.” I got off the phone a bit disturbed – knowing I’d had a conversation with a computer, but not really feeling like I had! (FYI, the power came back on about 7 A.M., so not too much awake time with no electricity. It’s really hard to check email and post to a weblog with a ball point pen, paper, and a candle.)

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