Astral Project. When John has to leave early in the morning for the early shift, I usually wake up for a while to talk with him, and then go back to sleep for an hour or so after he leaves. I noticed a while ago that I was having more OBE (out of body experience) / astral activity during those times and since then it seems that it’s becoming kind of a cool habit.

This morning was no exception. I layed down to sleep and then found myself awake but non-physically focused and sorta near the edge of the bed. I always get immediately excited about the experience of being able to put my hands through walls, for instance, so I did that – seems to be pretty much the only thing I remember how to do when I first realize I’m OBE – LOL. Then I ran my fingers over an area of glass in one of the old windows here that’s cracked, and made as if to fix it by smoothing it together. I DID manage to remember to look at my hands this time, a technique for focusing your attention while in the astral that I read about a long time ago, so that’s something at least. Eventually though, I kinda got a bit bored just hanging out here (for some reason, it didn’t occur to me to go elsewhere). I think I layed down again, back into my body, and then I started to see a light, like a vortex opening and decided to wake myself up at that point. I remember ‘thinking’ to one of our dogs, “Speak!” as he’s always barking at this or that anyway, and he actually did it and helped me wake up – no kidding! It was a small, tenuous “grufff?” instead of a bark, but it was enough.

I have a few aims for these conscious adventures – I want to be able to meet up with other people in the astral and not freak out and wake myself up, esp. when I see the white light ‘arrival’. I also want to be able to think more in terms of being energy, and to be conscious that there is a difference between how I should ‘think’ when I’m OBE and how I usually ‘think’ when I’m focused in physical reality. Piece of cake, right? *grin*

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