Celtic Knotwork Dragons - FIREI’ve been busy with some new artwork! I was going to hold onto them and announce them in a few days, but they seem to just want to charge forward for some reason, so who am *I* to argue. *grin* So this first design to the left is the Celtic Knotwork Dragons design that you’ve probably seen before, but instead of just black, now it’s on fire – in reds and oranges – very bright and striking, if I do say so myself! (Have to also thank my friend Jill who urged me to make this version and then returned the favor by buying it on a shirt for her coming vacation cruise – so thanks, Jill!!!)

Celtic Rose Stained GlassAnd this design is the latest one – Celtic Rose Stained Glass – a result of something that started out as a rough sketch in a small sketch book, and took on a life of its own. I’m particularly tickled with this design, and the version I did for framed prints and posters, at least to me, really looks like a stained glass window. Neat! (You can click on the images to go to the store pages and see all the shirts, mugs, etc.)

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