The Latest. Seems like our ISP is slow to updating their DNS – having switched domain hosts, I can still only see the OLD site. Seems like most other people can see the new, including blogger. So, while I can post this, and check with blogger to make sure it went through, *I* can’t actually SEE it yet, myself. OH, THE HUMANITY!

On the other hand, I got a LOT done on this new site that John and I are working on, so I’ll probably be able to divulge the URL “soon”. Heh.

On the other FOOT (ran out of hands), the servers at are still a little iffy, but on the road to recovery. As a result, the new products haven’t been added yet. Guess that means I have more time to work on the mystery site today then. Either that or go to the cafepress forums and read lots of posts asking when the new products are going to be available. Choices, choices. Heh.

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