Not bragging, just saying… Apparently, I was lucky enough to catch the invite to gmail on the blogger page for the short time it was up and before they relaunched that service. And apparently, I was also lucky enough to get two invitations to send to friends once I signed up for gmail myself. I had no idea these things were limited and/or random offerings – I really just stumbled into them one day after thinking how cool it would be to try out a gmail account – LOL. (But then, I believe in the power of conscious intention, so there you go – heh.) I’ve already used my invitations, but apparently these things are quite the hot item right now. Huh! Whaddayaknow. Sometimes it’s better to not have a clue I think – LOL.

Of course, gmail will most certainly be opening up for public use after the beta period is over, so this dubious distinction is also quite fleeting. Unlike a metafilter account, apparently, which some people are willing to swap invitations to gmail accounts for, since Matt doesn’t open up sign-ups very often anymore. *shrug* I signed up for metafilter way back when, still not having a clue about the apparent distinction of having a pretty low user number either. I guess all of this is rather amusing, but also pretty lost on someone like me. *grin* Of course, I’m not willing to give up my accounts on any of these sites, so maybe the mystique is not COMPLETELY lost – heh.

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