Celtic Tree of Life DesignTook a few days off from hovering over the tadpoles to finish up a few new designs for my art shop! The one I’ve been working on for a while is called the Celtic Tree of Life, which you can see to the right. It combines a lot of colors and textures and layers – the design itself is something I drew about six months ago and then just stuck in a folder with some other designs. Guess I didn’t really see the potential for it at the time. Oh, and click here for a zoom image of this design – lots of interesting details to see.

Probability SurferThis other one is called, “Probability Surfer” – an idea I’ve had for a while for my metaphysical section, but never got around to playing with until now. I did it in black and white, mostly because it’s the black and white designs that really seem to look good on the new colored shirts that cafepress now offers in their inventory. But still, there’s something kinda crisp and classic about black and white, no matter what genre the design fits into.

Click on either image to see all the available products with that design.

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