John has taken it upon himself to try to rescue at least SOME of the tadpoles that have been trapped in muddy puddles as the stream quickly dried up. He scooped up about 200 of the not-so-little buggers, and created a mini-pond for them in our yard, in one of those large plastic under-the-bed boxes:

This morning, while I was taking the photos, I noticed that some of them already have legs! Small legs, but legs nonetheless. To give you an idea of size, their heads are about the size of a dime in length, but narrower, since they are not ’round’.

It’s kind of fun watching them all start swimming around each time I tap the side of the ‘pond’ – LOL – but I won’t do that a lot – just when there’s nothing good on tv. (Kidding!) We included some stream muck in the water, and there’s already some bugs, so we think they’ll have enough to eat. (Now I know what I can do with all of those caterpillars eating our live oak tree leaves!) I’ll try to post a daily shot of their progress. Soon they’ll all grow up and leave home… *sniff* 😉

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