Last night I had one of those dreams that, when you look at it from the waking state, you can see that it’s a huge metaphor that gives you a ‘big picture’ view of your life, which is pretty cool. And a relief after many nights of only remembering those dreams that, no matter how you try to apply symbolism or feel, still make no sense to the waking mind. The kind that make you feel like all night you’ve been reading one page out of one book and then another page out of a completely different book, etc. But I digress – LOL. It seemed to show the re-integration of a part of myself, from hiding something in a bag, to a cloak and dagger sequence, to a light-hearted ending where I was ostensibly explaining to people what I had been doing all this time. Anyway, it was a cool feeling to wake up to this morning. 🙂

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