I’ve got an account over at deviant art that I’ll probably be actually DOING something with soon. Like maybe creating wallpaper and posting them there for download, at least. (My long range goal is to use their printing service for photographic prints, but that won’t be anytime soon for various reasons.) In any case, I’ll be posting links to any ‘deviations’ that I post there, here as well, so fear not. *grin* Actually, it’s kind of nice having multiple online outlets for creativity and expression – send out the energy, it bounces back again, and so on, like waveforms experiencing constructive interference.

Addendum: I now have three downloadable wallpapers (from my Celtic Collection – heh) over there – Click here to see the gallery – click on individual wallpapers to see them (at the bottom of the page), then click the magnifying glass under the thumbnail to see the large version. Then, right click on the image, ‘save as’ to save it locally.

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