*Sigh* I really liked Opera. The only drawbacks on this system are that 1. when you’re typing in the locator bar, it hesitates and then shows up all at once a bit later, 2. it seems to eat memory as you go (at least here), and 3. it has seemingly been the reason the blue screen of death has popped up so much. So, the last day or so I’ve switched to Mozilla Firebird. And I’ve downloaded the mouse gesture extensions (one of the major reasons I liked Opera so much) and some themes. And now? Now it seems that my system is MUCH more stable. And although I can’t toggle image loading on and off like in Opera, it doesn’t seem quite as necessary with Firebird – things seems to load even a bit faster. So now, I think I really like Firebird. And I REALLY like not having to reboot a few times a day – ugh.

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