I finished the watercolor of the wine bottle and candy jar – an odd combo, but that’s what wanted to be in the painting it seems – LOL. The candy jar really is square on the bottom half and round on the top half. Also, I didn’t pick the paper size on “purpose”, I just used a convenient pad of heavy watercolor paper I already had in my storage bin, but after all was said and done it fit rather well into our old scanner, luckily. Naturally, some of the detail gets lost in this small version (for instance, the curved color ‘divisions’ carry through to the background within the candies, but it’s too light in this image to really see), but you can get the general idea…

I’m really happy with how it came out, riotous colors and all, although I can still look too closely at the details and find lots of little things that my perfectionist self wants to ‘fix’. I’m even considering getting it matted and framed when I can afford it. I really like how all the ‘color blooms’ came out – that’s when you lay down a section of paint and then add a drop of water here and there and as it dries it ‘blooms’. That technique happened to make the wine bottle look really… bottlish (bottlish? bottle-ish? better). Sidenote: whenever I think of the color of most wine bottles I think of J. K. Rowling describing Harry Potter’s dress robes as ‘bottle green’ – heh.

I’ll be adding this in framed print, poster, and greeting card form to my art store within the next month or so. (I also have a neat celtic knotwork design that’s green, and looks like a stylized four-leaf clover, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, and also not on “purpose” – LOL.)

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