Recently I joined a watercolor painting discussion list to get me back in painting mode, at least somewhat. They have optional monthly projects, and since I’m still safely lurking/anonymous on that list I thought I’d give this one a try – can always just NOT introduce myself and NOT share a photo – LOL. The theme for this project is ‘curves’, and although I’m not sure I followed the project instructions exactly, I had an impulse in a certain direction that I wanted to follow. Basically, I drew a wine bottle and a glass jar full of candy, and then drew arches/curves all over the entire paper – the arches “cut” the image into smaller sections which I’m painting differently, giving a kind of arch-patchwork effect.

So far it’s coming out pretty well, I think. One of the challenges I have with watercolor is that I can’t “control” the paint like I tend to do more with acrylics, if I want cool effects. I’ve got to let the watercolors do what they want to do in the outlines I give them, and I’ve got to think in terms of shape, not detail. I have to remind myself to “step back” every once in a while and take a deep breath.

I may finish it in the next few days, and if I can get a good photo of it (or scan it in parts? Hmm.) I’ll post it here, of course. If it comes out like I want it to, I’ll also try to add it to my Art of FoxVox shop – might make a nice framed print and/or greeting cards, etc. We’ll see!

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