Listening to the ‘all holiday’ radio station on the way home today, John and I played Name That Annoying Diva or Old Guy. (To protect the guilty, I won’t divulge who said what.)

“It’s not Whitney Houston or Celine Dion….”

“Well, Mariah Cary? No. Oh, I know! Vanessa Williams!”

“Ahhh, right you are. I can’t believe you knew that.”

. . .

“It sounds a little like Frank Sinatra, but not as depressing.”

“Well, it’s certainly not Andy Williams!”

“Ooooh – I got it – Dean Martin! And it’s RUDOLPH, not RUDY, Dean – don’t mess with the classics.”

. . .

We ended the madness of the evening with, “Tiny Tim was NOT a Diva!”

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