A few years ago I was at WalMart, looking through their craft section (it’s the closest craft store to us with the things I needed – still a 45 minute drive), when they had an instant sale: $1 for dog bed pillows. I bought four and proceeded to stuff them in my closet and forget about them. During the same time I managed to acquire some nice, cheap upholstery fabrics and proceeded to fold them up in the shelves with my other acquired fabrics. While we were cleaning the other day for my family’s visit from Upstate NY during Thanksgiving week, I took a look at the old dog beds – they were just, to spare you the details, QUITE unacceptable. Suddenly, it all just came together and I whipped up to large (double pillow) dog beds with the nice upholstery fabric! They’re both in different, but coordinating green colors, and really poofy right now, but that will go away. The dogs aren’t getting the news beds though, until THEY get baths – heh. Here… doggy, doggy…… 😉

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