Well! It’s been an interesting few weeks around here. First there was a rock in the road that resulted in a bent rim and a flat tire. Then getting them fixed/replaced. At the same time the computer monitor decided to keep blinking off. This, of course, happened in the middle of when our domain host was switching to new servers, so our email, ftp, and web sites were up and down and up and down (and THEY had a hard drive crash too) and we had to do everything differently… very quickly before the monitor blinked off again. Then the car’s computer starts sending weird codes that basically prevent the transmission from shifting – we get that reset and the serpentine belt replaced. Car actually seems to be running even better than before, which is a good thing. Then, we decide that we have to get another monitor and find a used one in our price range that’s a few inches bigger than the previous one and also comes with it’s own used PC mini-tower. So it sorta feels like we came out ahead in both instances, despite having to spend some cash along the way. Tomorrow, Tom may come over with his box of miscellaneous, cast-off computer parts to see how much we can juice this puppy up – the ‘new’ PC, not the car. (Although…. naw, not right now… *grin*) So, we’ve been running around a lot here (today being no exception, what with the laundry and recycling all packed in the car), but it’s all working out surprisingly well, so WHEW! 🙂

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