[stupid rant] Thank you, but I don’t buy Cheerios because they are supposed to be good for my heart or for lowering cholesterol; I buy Cheerios because I like the way they taste. I really despise all those “I lowered my cholesterol” commercials and the ones where the kid is putting Cheerios in the father’s coat pocket for his heart and the like. The first one is simply annoying – if some guy yells “I LOWERED MY CHOLESTEROL” at me when I’m out getting a haircut, he’s getting punched. He may have lowered his cholesterol but it’s time he also raised his awareness of how rude and annoying he is. The second kind is supposed to be cute of course, but instead has me wondering why people think it’s cute to mold little children with beliefs about their father being in fragile health, so much so that they get up at the crack of dawn and try to serve the father these miracle oats in bed. The words in the commercials are supposed to convey positive messages to promote some supposed secondary benefits of consuming this cereal, but instead the underlying vibe is one of fear. And I may actually have to STOP eating Cheerios soon if they don’t stop plastering every square inch of the box with “WHO are YOU eating them for?” For my stomach and my taste buds, idiots! [end rant]

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