John and I had a hankering for some dessert yesterday, but neither of us felt like spending a half hour, each way, to ‘pop over’ to the store. As a result, I dug through our pantry shelves to see what could be dessertified. I found a small chocolate easter bunny we’d forgotten in a tin, two chunks of unsweetened chocolate, cocoa, and lots of the usual baking ingredients. Without measuring, I just started tossing things together: melted the chocolate, threw in cocoa, oil, eggs, sugar, flour, baking powder, etc. The batter itself tasted pretty much like brownie mix. (I had actually intended to use a 9×9 square pan, but the more I had to ‘even out’ the consistency, the larger the volume of batter grew until, alas, a 9×13 was required.)

The resultant dessertified ingredients came out looking, for the most part, brownie-like, if a little flat on one end. (?) The flavor is actually pretty good, but WEIRD… I think it might be the amount of oil I used… the texture is sort of… well… um…. smooth in a pasty, slippery way? *grin* In any case, it’s chocolate, and that’s what REALLY counts – LOL.

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