This is a fun page that’s basically about tuning into the energies of certain locations. I think I tend to do this automatically, although I only really ‘notice’ the extreme cases. Once, my friend Tara and I were putting up flyers around town (Raleigh, NC) for an artists meeting. She was about to go into this one place to see if we could put one in their window, I think it was a bar. I just shook my head quickly and said something like, “Not in there, let’s go” – just got a bad feeling about it.

Anyway, this page is kinda neat, has some cool photos, and sounds like something fun to do around town as well. We’ve already scoped out areas out in the country here. Sometimes we’ve gotten a feeling not to go near a place and discovered later that there were coyotes nearby. And the whole land area here feels rather wild and ‘elvish’ in some way. (oh yes, link via metafilter)

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