Someone, unknown to us and who will remain nameless, used the feedback form on our metaphysical site to send us this unrelated message:

“i need your help! i am suppose to write an essay/short story. the story caption is” someone told you the world is going to end at midnight, what are the three most important things you would do in that day” could you pleese help me by sending me a short story/essay a.s.a.p, actually i need it by today before seven. pleese try to do, doesn’t matter if you can’t get the whole story but i only need the beginning also if possible the middle. pleese try doing this for me.i will appreciate this. thank you so much. pleese do this for me. pleese. pleese.”

ROFL! I don’t know if this person was serious, if they were just joking around, if they are ACTUALLY conducting a psychological experiment to see how many people who respond and how, if they wanted to see how many people will post about it in their weblog (ahem), if they wanted to see how many people would try to tell them the correct spelling of ‘pleese’ or what. Heh.

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