I was reading the CafePress Store Owners Forum a few days ago, reading up on how the CP people had just added little ‘teaser’ lines that could be used to describe sections in their stores (before they had only a title area.) And it’s not that I was overtly wanting this specific feature, because my premium shop was actually hosted on my own subdomain and didn’t use that info anyway. But… suddenly I had the impulse to fix up my cafepress store and go back to hosting it THERE again. Before, I’d basically been using it as a database/backend and sucking the info into my own format for my domain. But now, I’ve matched the background of the store to this blog (which I think looks nicer than the black it was before), and it’s now at cafepress…. again.

I know it was a ‘weird’ thing to do, but over the years I’ve gotten used to trusting my intuitions on things like this. I just don’t YET know why I felt the need to do it. My mind thinks, “Well, maybe you’ll be traveling or really busy a lot soon, and won’t have as much time to keep the scripts on your domain store up to date.” That’s really the only idea I’ve got and that’s also, as of yet, unvalidated. *shrug*

The good news is that I think the store looks really good – again. The bad news is that I’m rather impatient sometimes with mysteries – LOL. The REALLY good news is that my intuition is always ‘right’ – it’s when I ignore it or rationalize it away (often with a ‘that doesn’t make any sense!’) that later on I get a cosmic, “I told you so!” (Why am I hearing Groundskeeper Willie warning Skinner about the colored chalk?)

Oh, yeah, links – the art shop link at the top right of this page is still for my subdomain, but forwards to the cafepress/cafeshops site instead – so click there if you want to see the beige instead of the black. (Guinness anyone? *grin*) And I’ll let you know the ‘why’ of all this when *I* find out – heh.

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