15 minutes of mass reality is more than enough, especially when you happen by Baskin-Robbins on their ‘free scoop night’. Especially when included in the ‘free scoop’ is a local hip-hop radio van with speakers booming, a kid running around in an ice cream cone outfit, local government representatives scooping the ice cream and other volunteers explaining at the door just who each of them is (although I’m sure they were scooping just for charity of COURSE, and not just for exposure – heh), local marching band members with swords and rifles, and Oakland Raiders cheerleaders in their spandex and sequined outfits welcoming everyone into the store. The cheerleader who welcomed us apologetically proclaimed, “I wouldn’t normally wear this on the street…”

It was actually pretty funny all in all – a circus in a teapot – LOL. But still 15 minutes was more than enough. And their Gold Medal Ribbon ice cream is as good as it has always been – mmmmm.

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