An old friend of mine just told me this story and I asked him to let me post it here… showed a really cool use of the internet and also quite a happy ending!

“In January, a drunk hit and run driver hit both the Buick and the Oldsmobile, gouging the Buick’s bumper, and braking the tail light on the Olds, pushing it out of its parking space, and smashing it against my neighbor’s car, causing a large dent in the rear panel. I was crushed. Luckily I investigated, and found a piece of debris with a Chrysler emblem, and a part number inscribed on it. I went online, got the part, then the Dodge dealer, got the year make & model, then I drove all over until I found it. It took 4 days and I had the police arrest the suspect, and I was paid off from his insurance company. I got more than I paid for the Olds. Luckily its all fixable and I ordered parts on line, and they are both close to new again.”

Way to go, Paul! *grin*

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