I downloaded Movable Type for John’s site, and also for my site as well, but I’m starting with John’s. Of course, he’s not going with a standard weblog format, so that means I’ve been having to learn all extra features and special MT codes that do thus and sundry. (Overall, it’s a great program – very well documented and with rather clear error messages – luckily – LOL. And not that John couldn’t do it himself of course – he’s just as much a geek as I am *grin* – but I have time at the moment and wanted to learn it anyway.) John’s going to have a bunch of categories for his posts, with excerpts on the main page and ‘click here for more of this post’ links to subpages. I think I’m up to here [visualize me putting my hand at forehead level) in templates and indexes and archives and chmods. Now I’m also wondering what interesting things I could implement here….. [what we need here is a misty visual dream effect so I can trail off nicely]

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