I have previous blog entries about me dreaming (or early morning flashes) about crosses a few days before learning about a death. First it was one cross and a great aunt, then it was seven crosses and the crew of the space shuttle. Each time it was wooden crosses, first a glowing cross in clouds/midair, then seven crosses on a hillside, in the same formation as the first ‘shuttle crew’ photo I saw after the explosion.

Two mornings ago, I saw a flash of a green hillside with a green grass or shrubby cross on the side. It seemed that it was supposed to mean something other than ‘people’, but I took a wait and see on it. Well, this morning I found a dead lizard in a container of rain water on our back porch and I think that was it.

I really do see death as a transformation, and know that nothing is ‘lost’ per se. I say that to allay any suspicions here that I have some sort of fascination with death in the conventional way it’s approached. I don’t EXACTLY know why I’ve tuned into these events, although I AM getting to know my internal metaphors better, I suppose. Maybe for better understanding or integration of my intuition. Hmmmmm.

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