Warning – clogged sink discussion to follow – some grossness!

(Okay, but you’ve been warned!) Sometimes we have a mineral buildup in the pipes that causes a slow drain in the bathroom sink and I often “solve” it with a bent wire coathanger and a little up and down scraping. Today, whilst wiggling said coathanger, a clump of ‘stuff’ appeared to have worked itself free and came to the surface. I grabbed the tweezers (best way to grab but not touch – LOL) and expected to pluck out some hair, but what I brought out just kept coming as I pulled upward.

A toothbrush…..

An entire toothbrush.

I don’t know how long it had been down there – we’ve been renting the place for over five years and neither John nor myself have ever dropped a toothbrush down there. Of course, that goes a long way to explaining the slow drainage, although mineral buildup is still a serious problem. But come on…


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