Just had a 3.3 earthquake here. Earthquakes are weird things – to think that the earth’s crust/plate slips against another plate – all of that dirt and rock moving all at once – WHUMP. I don’t know that I’ve sensed an earthquake when I’ve been outside in the yard, usually I’m only aware of them when I’m in the house and it jumps up and down a bit with a quick thump and rattle. (Growing up in Upstate New York, I only remember one tremor – it rattled all the things on my dresser and actually lasted longer than most of the ones I’ve felt out here in CA, except that 4.0 I experienced while at a McD in town – heh.)

Checking out the Main Earthquake Page for our area might explain why the dogs have been kinda restless and clingy the last few days – been quite a few tremors in the area – some not that minor! (3.3+) Interesting!

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