My previous exposure to stained glass, up close, has pretty much been limited to the mass-produced tulip design lamps over each booth in a favorite local restaurant. The pieces seem to be cut from a generic pattern and although they don’t fit together as snugly as a puzzle, the end result is still nice to look at.

However, in finding this Celtic Stained Glass – ahhh, such artistry – makes my heart sing… I now understand a few major differences in quality. Not just the design itself, since I’m quite partial to Celtic art, but the way the pieces here DO all fit together snugly. You can almost sense the attention each colored chunk of glass received as it was trimmed.

I have a few long-term ‘goals’; two of them are: to learn how to create stained glass and to learn how to create jewelry. Both fulfill a need I seem to have to play with brightly colored, shiny things – LOL. Actually, I had this wild dream the other night where I went to “Lothlorien” through this secret passage in the woods that was bordered by thin white trees that made a fence on each side of the path. Inside, beings were dancing, and they were wearing daring and exotic coverings made only of huge brightly colored gems held together with thick but flexible (and seemingly comfortable) silvery metal. It’s a vision that haunts me pleasantly whenever I think of it.

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