Our neighbor put a new black bull in with the herd in the pastures around our house – it appears not to be able to walk without bellowing. If you’ve never heard a bull, they don’t sound like cows mooing – they sound like a cross between what you’d imagine a dinosaur must sound like, and a strongly-lunged donkey. (A previous bull many years ago once jogged by our house sounding like a group of teenage girls screaming – it was a tad freaky to say the least.) On the positive side, it’s pretty easy to find out where he is – I can sit at the computer and using my brain doppler can hear him approach, wander by, and continue on, all without getting up to look out the window. And this is STILL pretty much more entertaining than what we can get on television – LOL.

This bull is also a chicken (there’s a meat joke in there somewhere, but I’m not going to go looking any farther). I went outside yesterday and he was by our fence, grabbing a few bites of grass. When he saw me, he jumped back about five feet – watching an 800+ pound animal jump around is kinda funny… and this has added ‘funny’ if you remember that bull’s have quite the dangling additions underneath – hee. Anyway – then I waved and said, “Hi!” I could almost see his eyes grow wide with terror as he backed up, turned around and ran away as quickly as possible. (I hadn’t yet showered, come to think of it – hope that didn’t have anything to do with it – LOL)

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