Been working on new additions to my Art of FoxVox shop the last few days. First of all, there are new products in all of the Celtic Art sections: a tile-wood keepsake box (great for jewelry!), and large ceramic steins, and frosted glass mugs.

Secondly, there’s a nice Valentine’s Day section, featuring the Celtic “Rose” TriSpiral design on all of the standard products, as well as the new products, AND on special limited edition pieces such as a long nightshirt and a spaghetti strap camisole! (Cafepress actually used my design on the photo of the camisole sample on their product page – neat!)

Thirdly, I added bumper stickers to the product line as well, and so there are now eight metaphysical/humorous bumper sticker designs in the ‘stickers’ product section, in addition to the smaller stickers already offered. (Like “Wizard at Work”, and “Help! I’m a multidimensional being trapped in a linear time-space continuum!” – heh.)

So, WHEW! What are you waiting for? VISIT MY SHOP AND SEE ALL DA STUFF! *grin*

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