A Reverend in England recently told children that “it was scientifically impossible for Father Christmas to deliver so many presents so quickly.” And that “reindeer would burst into flames if they had to travel at the speeds necessary.”

Yes, yes, he was sorry about it later, but it still poses the question… is this priest’s religion Christianity or Science? And what does this supposedly scientifically minded individual say about all the non-scientific stuff that happens in the Bible? This is the kind of conflicting information that, for me, always throws up a red flag. Do priests REALLY believe in miracles anymore or are they just glorified social workers? And if they don’t, why are they in the line of work that they are in?

And, in conclusion, “Mr Rayfield, whose comments came from an internet story on how scientific research could dispel the myth of Santa, is now writing a letter to parents apologising for the blunder.” Why the heck was he interested in doing that in the first place? If you can dispel the myth of Santa with science, it would seem that you could also dispel the myth of religion with science – DOH! Heh heh.

I, for one, am for equal opportunity. I believe in the myth of religion, AND the myth of science. Heh. If might be fun, of course, to write an essay dispelling both myths with the basic principles of magic. *cheeky grin*

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